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September / October, 2010 Monthly Challenge

Junque / Junk

Joe F. managed to get his “junk” image before

                                        it’s time to close out this challenge!


Ron found this on a roadside in Berkley.  

(Looks better than my tractor and plow!)


Jim Weidenfeller wouldn’t divulge the location.

 (I saw this on “American Pickers,” really.)

Where else would Joe look for JUNK

              than the town dump, er, Transfer Station!


“She has a leg up on you!” Phil H.

                                  {This isn’t from Bali, is it :)}


Bill found this upscale home in a very trendy neighborhood!


“Sea Junk” Marian found this sea junk on land of all places!


“Jac’s Junk” Appears to more like land junk. . .


“Bridgewater Recycling Center” HDP Rookie, Toni

                        added her image to the challenge.

“Junk or a Classic – In the Eyes of the Beholder?”

              Rich found this treasure on a recent excursion.


Ed made a visit to our transfer station a few weeks    

                       after my shot and the junk is all different!

“For Sale or Rent” Ralph found this “Relic” in a Bourne

boat yard. Possible field trip to Block Island on this??


“Junk or Treasure?” Al says it’s your call.

(Harvard Flea Market)


Chris D. found this farm implement on her travels.


 “Junk Mail” Mariann appears to be the “Queen of Junk Mail!”


Matt sent this image along – nice piece of junk!


No idea what this contraption is the Rick sent in. . .



  Alex came across this pile of junk and wanted to share it with us.