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November / December, 2010 Monthly Challenge

Patterns in Nature

Number TWENTY- ONE – new Challenge record!

“Graceful Pair” – Kathy’s natural patterns!


“White Pine Cone” as seen by Ed.


“Grass Plumes” Rick has been waiting for just the right

                moment to shoot these. I think he found it!


Al’s birch bark is actually a coded message left by former

inhabitantsBeing part Native American, I was able to 

                   roughly translate, “Bewary of Hockomockers bearing

                objests that steal your face!” Or something like that. . .


Chris D. found this tree for our “Patterns in Nature.”


Patterns? You want patterns in nature?

                Get in touch with CAMNATS Pat.


Jim added this for “Patterns in Nature”


“A Mushroom with Tree Rings” Jeff W.’s double score!


Frank saw these natural patterns in the sand –

webprints and ripples (and no dragonflies).


Another HDP Newbie, Joe F. wanted to add this to our

Monthly Challenge.

Phil’s “Swaying Trees”


Rookie HDP member, Cherie offers up this –

for “Patterns in Nature.”


Tom sent along these leaves for his “Patterns in Nature”

(Do you think we’ll EVER see a color image from him???)


“Milky Quartz Crystals with Montmorillonite Inclusions”

(I warned Ron that nobody likes a know-it-all!)

Rich found this wasp nest and wasn’t stung!

Around Nov. 1st, this rose blossom lights up Mariann’s yard!


Dried up vegetation from Steph’s backyard.

(She is getting up and about and may be dropping by.)

Bill C. found some great colors as well as patterns here!


“Maine Fossil” from Jac’s collection. . .

Marian’s “Sycamore Bark”



From the WB Town Park, I found this bark on a tree!