2014 – 2015 Program Schedule

More information can be found on the HDP Calendar and in your weekly Musings.

Looking forward to another photographic-filled year!

Library prints needed for exhibits!


2014 / 2015 HDP Calendar



10th – Summer Hiatus I (IMPACT reviewed)

**14th – Competition I (Open and Nature) Images Due

17th – Summer Hiatus II

**21st – Image Study (Portraiture and Architecture) Images Due

24th – Image Study I (Portraiture and Architecture)




1st – First Wed. Program “How to. . . Portraiture” with Jeff T.                           

8th –  “Creative Florals” with Denise Duhamel

15th – Competition I (Open and Nature) Judge: Diane Robertson

**19thImage Study (Monochromatic and Creative) Images Due

22nd – Image Study II (Monochromatic and Creative)

29th – No Mtg. as it is the fifth Wed.

 Library prints needed for exhibits!



5th – First Wed. Program “How to. . . Creative

         Images by Carl A., Rich R., and Donna B. to be reviewed

**9thCompetition II Images (Open and Portraiture) Due

12th – “Printing Your Own Images” – with Phil Giordano (tentative)

**16thImage Study (Nature and Open) Images Due

19th – Image Study III (Nature and Open) In-house judging

26th – No Mtg. – Thanksgiving Eve

        Happy Thanksgiving!



3rd – Holiday Gathering

10th – Cancelled by Ian murray, Judge 

**14th -  Image Study (Portraiture and Architecture) Images Due

Happy Hannukah!

17th – Image Study IV (Portraiture and Architecture)

24th – No Mtg. Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!  Seasons Greetings!  Happy Holidays!  

Happy Kwanza!

31st – No Mtg. New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!!!

Library prints needed for exhibits! 





*7th – Program moved to April 29th as requested by the presenters.

**11thCompetition III (Open and Monochromatic) Images Due

14th – Greater Lynn Workshop

21st – “Night Photography” with Jurgen Lobert

**25thImage Study (Monochromatic and Creative) Images Due

28th –  Competition II cancelled by Judge, Ian Murray



4th – First Wed. Program “How to. . . Nature / Landscapes  with Ron R. and Joe K.

**8thCompetition IV (Open and Architecture) Images Due

11th – Competition III – Monochromatic and Open with Judge Mike DeStefano

**15thImage Study (Nature and Open) Images Due

18th – Image Study VII (Nature and Open)

25th – “Monochromatic Photography” with Bob Ring and Don Toothaker

Library prints needed for exhibits! 



4th – Competition II – Open and Portraiture with in-house judges

11th – Competition IV – Architecture and Open with Judge Jurgen Lobert

18th – “TODEs, ETTRs, and PTTLs, Oh My!” with Ralph Mastrangelo 

**22ndImage Study (Creative and Portraiture) Images Due

25th – Image Study VIII (Creative and Portraiture)



1st – First Wed. Program “How to. . . Macro” with Richard K.

8th – “Excellent Exposures” with Greg Lessard

**12th - Image Study (Monochromatic and Open) Images Due

15th – Image Study VII (Monochromatic and Open)

22nd – Images of the Year – Judge Ray Guillette, MNEC

29th – How to. . . Nature / Bird Photography”  with Carl A. and Rick A. (tentative)

*Rescheduled from January’s 7th  ”First Wednesday”



6th – First Wed. Program “How to. . . Action” with Rich R.

13th – New Members’ Night

20th – End of Year Awards


 HDP Summer Hiatus – See you in September!