Looking Down

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March / April / May, 2011 Monthly Challenge

              Challenge Record – Twenty-one Nature Patterns!


Looking Down

1. Jim’s “M&Ms”


2. “Looking Down and Out” – Joe

3. Steph’s looking down – interesting place!



               4. Phil “nailed” this one!


5. Ron’s two-for-one “Looking Down” and “Stairs”


6. Al wanted to know if this should be entitled

                    “Crocuses” or “Croci”


7. Kathy is laying claim to this gaslamp.

                                         Anyone else want to file ownership?



8. Spring has sprung as far as Pat’s crocus can attest!


9. Mariann looking down as Sam looks up!


10. Jeff W.’s new spy lens – Boston Public Library.


11. Boston Skyline as seen by Rich from the Blue Hills.


12. Rick found “Spring Emerging” underfoot!


13. Jac looking “Downstream” at the WB Town Park.


14. Bill C. found this view.



15. Yep, those are Frank’s feet tracking down the

                             rare one-wheeled ATV!


16. Chris M. has his camera focused on this rooftop.

                             (Word has it that the sunbathers start in early May!)


17. Marian’s “Self-Portrait”

                        – aren’t those Jac’s blue sneakers?


18. “Looking Downwind” Tom’s submission

                                         for this challenge.


19. Greg’s view of San Antonio from the

                                         Tower of the Americas.