Phil Holt

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Phil Holt

Phil Holt

HDP Program Comm.
2010 – 2011

Member since 2009

Phil’s Bio

I have been interested in photography for many years. In the old film days, I had a Minolta X570 and dabbled with black and white film developing.

Over the years, life got very busy and I stopped shooting pictures on a regular basis. After thirty years of teaching and five years as an elementary principal, I retired in June 2009, and received a Nikon D60 camera as a gift from my wife. At first I was overwhelmed with the capabilities of this new camera and its numerous options and settings. I took a course in digital photography from the New England School of Photography and then started to feel more comfortable shooting digital. The ability to shoot freely and not have to consider the expenditures involved with film is one of the greatest benefits of digital photography. I purchased Lightroom as a post-processing program and have also been enjoying the ability to take pictures and digitally process them.

I consider myself an amateur and have become increasing more intrigued with learning how to become a better photographer. I enjoy taking pictures of different subjects but I find taking pictures of people to be the most challenging and rewarding. I have always enjoyed the arts and am envious of those that can draw and illustrate their creative expression. For me, photography is an art form that has the ability to move people and communicate emotion in a profound way.

These are several images that I have taken in the last two years.