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November / December, 2011 Monthly Challenge

              Challenge Record – Twenty-one Nature Patterns!


Show Me the $$$$$$. . .

“The Night” was not a good showing as only seven of us took our cameras in the dark for the Challenge. Let’s see if anyone has a few extra greenbacks or some loose change to shoot. Times are tough but can you at least put in your “two cents?” Images must be shot between between November 1 and December 31, 2011.


“Looking Inside of My Loose Change Jug” – Joe

Steph’s “Yankee Swap Gift” – Quite generous of her!


“Spare Change” – Tom



                     “All In!” – Jim


“Elizabeth II” – Jac



“Changing Traditional Money” – Al


“Old Money!” – Dena


“Leaving Penny Behind!” – Carl



“Foreign ExCHANGE” – Pat



“Money Tree” – Greg



“Half Eagle” – Ron


“The Best Things in Life Are Free” – Diane