Matting and Framing Demo

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When the planning committee met back in the summer of 2011, Ron suggested a matting and framing night. A little more planning brought us five members who set up and demonstrated their techniques. Looking at the number of people who showed up, I’d say it was a huge success. Thanks Ron, Jim, Dick, Dena, and Rich!

Ron (right) oversees Karen making her cuts with Greg literally lending a hand.















Greg wanted to know, “Can you make a matte this big?” Mariann (right), Dena, and Matt listen attentively.



Result of Dena’s ‘fuzzy math’ or fitting an image to the matte that was cut!










“Station Jim” (left to right) Bob, visitor Douglas, Lynne, Pat and Paul watch Jim work his magic.












“Point of Clarification” Bob asks about the procedure as Sheila and Jeff W. listen for the answer.


Dick watches Carl apply his craft to a matte with Joe F. waiting his turn.












“Attentive Audience” Rich demos his technique with Ralph, Phil, Al, Maureen, and Joe V watching him carefully.















Event organizer, Ron, explains the steps he takes before cutting to Cindy, Kathy, and Karen.



After listening carefully and watching Ron’s techniques, Cindy has her chance!


Again, thanks to all who came and a special tip of the lens cap to  Ron (Event Organizer), Jim, Dick, Dena, and Rich who brought in their tools and their techniques to share with the rest of us.