Pair of…

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January / February, 2012 Monthly Challenge

{Challenge Record – Twenty-one for Nature Patterns!}

“Pair of. . .”
            “Two of . . .”


Slight improvement from the SEVEN we had for “The Night” as there were twelve submissions for “Show Me the $$$$.” Let’s see how creative you can be with this challenge. Only rule, your entry MUST be taken between January 1, 2012 and February 29th, 2012.


"Ka-ching! Ka-ching" - Paul

Thirteen Money Submissions

"Stereoscopic View" - Joe

{Note: The title of the slide was, “Looking for a Man!”}

"A Pair of Pears" - Diane

"A Pair of Stanley Rabbet Planes" - Ron











"Twins" - Mystery Photographer










"Two in a Bush - Rich"


"A Well Worn Pair" - Tom











"Pair of Unhappy love Birds" - Al










"Pair of Pliers" - Bill


"Goose Deuce" - Rick











"Doubles" - Greg











"Anoglyph Stereo Wheel" - Jac

NOTE: You will need red/Blue glasses for this – Jac

"Pair of Swans" - Steph










"Co-workers" - Gail











Looks as if Gail has been frequenting Steph’s favorite haunts!


"The Odd Couple" - Marian



"Pair of Pears" - Jim

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