March / April Challenge – Square or Squares!

Written by Hockomock Joe on . Posted in Monthly Challenge

Once again you are asked to submit an image that says, “Square or Squares”- the only stipulation is the image must be shot between March 1st and April 30th of this year. No rummaging through your archives for one. Size as you would for image study or competition and send to Joe.



"Square One" - Phil












"Art Squared" - Chris M.


"Floppies" - Jac














"Antique Carpenter's Square" - Marian













"Squares and More" - Sheila


"Steph's Squares"












"Couple of Squares" - Tom












(This was Tom’s caption and in no way reflects the opinions of HDP)


"Celebration, FL Town Square" - Joe


"Sixty-three Points" - Al











"Central Square, Bridgewater" - Ron











"Machinist's Squares" - Greg


"Squares" - Lynne











"Dice" - Lena