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My husband gave me my Sony A300 (no, not a Nikon or Canon) as a wedding gift after he had seen many of my travel photos with my children using my Kodak digital.  Not having a clue what to do with this gift and after many cancelled classes, I did a web search and contacted a professional photographer whose work I admired. Jeff Turner was willing to take on the challenge of trying to educate me about photography.  As a part of my education, he introduced me to Hockomock Digital Photographers Club where I met many talented and always learning individuals. Being the only Sony photographer in the club, I use the love from my husband’s gift to inspire each of my images.  I have learned that although there are many guidelines and “rules” within photography, it is very subjective.  I now have a different perspective of the world outside of my profession as a CPA providing a wonderful balance and a means of expressing and sharing with others.  

I’d like to share these images with you:

"Kathy's Son - an Avid Golfer"

Business Major Grad - Looking for Work!













Keith, Kathy's Other Half


"Ponte Vecchio"


















"Golden Gate Bridge"











"My Brother's Violin"














"Barn Doors"















"Rose Dew"







"Kathy's #1 Cheerleader/Mentor"



Kathy’s 2012  HDP Awards

Class B Open 3rd Place

Class B Nature Image of the Year 3rd Place “Softstars”