Summer 2012 Challenge – Your Photo Bucket List!

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I’m going to go a little off the usual request for an image on a specific subject matter these next few months. Rob from Stony Brook posted this question to the members and I asked if I could use it here.

What would be your Photo Bucket List? What would you want to accomplish photographically before your final shutter button is clicked? I have posted mine at SBCC and have repeated it here. Some thoughts are easily accomplished while a few others are way other there. Having the doable mixed in with the not-so doable is a good blend.



Joe’s Photo Bucket List

  • Complete PSA Advanced Photography course
  • Take and pass PSA Judge’s Program
  • Learn CS5!
  • Master my D7000
  • Put the NIK Webinars to good use
  • Photograph National Parks of the Southwest
  • Photograph Australia and New Zealand
  • Photograph England, Ireland, and Scotland
  • Get a book of my images published
  • Get my images accepted and exhibited into a gallery
  • Get accepted into a bona fide stock agency


Lynne’s Photo Bucket List

  • Get a perfect score in a HDP’S Competition Night!!!!!

  • Photograph a sunrise and a sunset in both Africa and Alaska

  • Work with troubled teens in photography, making in difference in their lives

  • Take and pass a PSA course

  • Retire and travel the world taking pictures

  • Truly learn how to take Portraits

  • Just be able to make people happy with my photos!!
  • Master the art of photography – camera and computer aspects


Rich’s Photo Bucket List

  • Capture a good image of an osprey hunting
  • Capture a grizzly bear with salmon
  • Capture a photo of wild eagles
  • Capture a photo of moose up close
  • Capture an image of musk ox
  • Capture an image of the aurora borealis
  • Capture a photo of Dall sheep on a mountain side
  • Print a book on Alaska w/DVD slide show
  • Sell one of my photos to a magazine
  • Learn how to do macro photography
  • Purchase a Mac computer and software to go with it for photography


Jim’s Photo Bucket List

  • Elevate my photography to the excellence I think I am capable of.
  • Focus on nature, still life, and macro photography.
  • Complete the PSA Advanced Photography course.
  • Back to Ireland
  • Back to the Northwest U. S.
  • See one of the grandchildren develop a real interest in photography.
  • Cross country non-highway photo road trip.
  • Develop an ability to compose “creative” images.
  • Have a photo gallery in Falmouth.
  • Accepting what the judges say, appreciating their critique and
    putting the two together to make great images.
  • Be accepted in the “Tiny Sparrow” program.


Lena’s Photo Bucket List

  • Learn as much as I can about my camera 
  • Master Portrait, Architecture, Action and  Night Photography
  • Win Image of the Year in HDP camera club
  • Photograph all Cape Verde Islands, New Zealand,  Morocco, Cuba, Turkey, Greece, Egypt Israel,  and the Caribbean
  • Publish a Photo Book
  • Start a website
  • Shoot a wedding and make money
  • Take pictures everyday for a year
  • Get a photo published in a Travel Magazine
  • Be the best photographer I can be


Phil’s Photo Bucket List 

  • To become more proficient utilizing LightRoom
  • To learn how to use Photoshop Elements
  • To learn how to use flash better
  • To get better at taking portraits
  • Experiment more
  • Do more street photography
  • Master the capabilities of my Nikon D7000
  • Try shooting more in manual


Kathy’s Photo Bucket List

  • Sell an image
  • Place in a photography/art show
  • Learn how to not take a blurry image
  • Make a tear happen with an image shared
  • Invest in more equipment and software
  • Have fun taking a great image without “overthinking”
        about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, or lighting –  just having it come naturally.


Gail’s Photo-Bucket list

  Things to learn:

  • Photoshop
  • How to photograph the moon
  • Decent portraits

  Places to shoot:

  • The snowmobile trails in Vermont that I’ve been riding over 30 years
  • Minot’s Light
  • Vale di Cadore, Italy


Al’s Photo Bucket List

  • Continue improving proficiency using camera’s Av, Tv and Manual settings.
  • Shoot more photos using RAW
  • Improve related editing proficiency
  • Increase proficiency using Layers in Adobe Elements
  • Become proficient with use of flash attachment
  • Improve low light and night photography skills
  • Take more nature related photos
  • Achieve higher HDP competition scores


Scott’s Under Construction Photo Bucket List


  • Scotland (NOT with a tour group)
  • Secure the photo equipment to make the trip worthwhile

 Skills improved

  • Knowledge needed to capture what I see
  • Need to get up to date on the software
  • Capture the detail and effect as witnessed in other members’ images


Rick’s Photo Bucket List 

  • Acquire an autofocus super-telephoto lens.
  • Get back to Florida to photograph the wading birds.
  • Get back to the Rockies in Colorado to photograph the wildlife.
  • Photograph Yosemite and the California Coast.
  • Photograph Acadia National Park in the fall.
  • Have my own gallery and sell my prints.
  • Learn how to use studio lights and have my own studio.
  • Get more paid photography opportunities so I can afford more gear 🙂
  • Publish my own photo book, which I can market and sell.
  • Continue to help and inspire others.