Alex’s NECCC Conference Reflections

Written by Hockomock Joe on . Posted in News


Going to the New England Camera Club Conference was one of the highlights of my summer. Until the conference, I had never really been so immersed in photography. I filled my schedule with workshops to attend and I was not disappointed by any of them.

The amount of information I took away from each workshop was substantial, but, for me it was more about those little bits and pieces the presenter might just briefly mention that I found most useful. It was an added bonus at the end of Street Photography with Lou Jones to learn that you only have about three seconds to take a picture before someone notices you. That kind of information is invaluable to me. Lou’s workshop was among some the most interesting and entertaining of those I attended at the NECCC, it was great to see the amazing work of a professional and hear the stories behind it too.

Joe McNally’s Saturday night presentation was also one my favorite events at the conference. His work is so inspiring; it was one amazing photo after another. Walking out of that seminar I felt compelled to go take pictures. Sometimes photography does get kind of boring and monotonous in my experience, waiting for a bird to move just a few inches over in the frame or coming home knowing that you didn’t really get any photos that you are happy with. Being inspired and motivated is very important to me as photographer and Joe McNally was able to accomplish those things while sharing his jaw-dropping work with the whole audience.

I am eagerly awaiting next year’s conference; I enjoyed my stay at the NECCC as a high school rep. very much! My suite style dorm at the North D tower was excellent; I did not expect such luxurious accommodations like air conditioning, two bathrooms, and a dorm room all to myself. Karen Geaghan was a superb director and coordinator, making sure that everyone knew where their workshops were and that we all ate our meals together. I could not have been more pleased with my experience at the NECCC.