HDP Inter-club Competitions

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Inter-club Competitions

Inter-club competitions are club-generated and not individual participation. HDP participates in several of these activities throughout the year. Our Competition Committee will review those best judged Class A and Class B images and select those pictures to best represent our club. You will be notified of the use of your image if selected. Also, it is imperative that the club knows if you are competing in another club.


Glennie Memorial Nature Competition

The Merrimack Valley Camera Club hosts this annual international event. We will choose those images from our Nature Competitions to represent HDP. MMVC does adhere strictly  to the PSA Nature definition , so that will be our guide n the selection process.


PSA Nature and Pictorial Competitions

Three times a year we will be asked, as a club, to submit images for these competitions. There are about fifty other clubs from all over the world in our division! Once again, our Competition Committee will make the selections and notify you. Points are awarded at each competition but there will be no commentary provided. At the end of the season, those clubs who achieved the highest scores in Class B will be moved up to Class A for the next year. Pictorial is their way of saying, “Open.”


Needless to say, we will be following the PSA Nature definition to the letter.


New England Camera Club Council (NECCC)

This organization also sponsors nature and pictorial competitions throughout the year. NECCC is the regional organization overseeing camera club activities within New England. We will compete in their nature and pictorial divisions.