Library Exhibit Guidelines

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As we are the Hockomock Digital Photographers and all of these exhibits are representing HDP, there has to be a concerted effort by the library committee to ensure our images follow some common sense guidelines:

A. HDP exhibited images should reflect our digital experiences by being somewhat current and produced digitally. 

  1. Images to be exhibited will be collected according to a schedule (please see the HDP Calendar) . If a member cannot make this meeting, he/she should contact the Library Liaisons about a convenient place to drop off their images.
  2. Titles are an essential part of our exhibits and every effort will be made to correctly add a title card to your image. “Untitled” is not an accepted title. As the printing of these title cards is time-consuming and a little costly, no last minute changes will be allowed. All titles need to be submitted no later than the night the images are collected.


B. Library liaisons will be given the final approval as to whether an image should be hung as part of an HDP exhibition.


C. Image Quality

       1. Matting needs to be clean and free of mold or other artifacts that distract from your image.

       2. Technical quality will be checked, especially in the areas of faded, out of focus, or poorly scanned images, etc. These types of images will be rejected by our Library Liaisons.


D. Framing

        1. Solid frames of metal or wood with picture wire for hanging purposes. Plastic frames will not be accepted.

        2. All framed images must use picture wire and not rely on hooks for hanging. Many of our exhibiting libraries use devices, which will only support wired images.

        3. The smallest image accepted for display will be 8 x 10″ . For larger images, the largest frame size accepted will be 20 x 26″

             (this size frame usually holds a 16 x 20″ image in a mat).”


E. Participating venues will be asked to follow suggested guidelines as well. These will include, but not be limited to:

      1. Promotion of our exhibit via newspapers, their newsletters, their websites, and signage within the library proper. 

2. Allow convenient access to our exhibits.


F. Current Exhibiting Library Schedule

    East Bridgewater is every other month starting in October and ending in April

  1. October / November – West Bridgewater
  2. December / January – Abington
  3. February / March – Raynham
  4. April – Pembroke