Submitting Images for Club Competitions

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Important Note

Please follow these instructions carefully!
Failure to do so may result in your images being disqualified!
Image Size

Images must be sized to fit within a 1024 x 768 pixel space.

If you have a landscape format image (i.e. one that is wider than it is tall) set the width to 1024 pixels and check the height. If the height is less than 768 pixels, you are done; if not, set the height to 768 pixels.

Similarly, if you have a portrait format images (i.e. one that is taller than it is wide) set the height to 768 pixels and check the width. If the width is less than 1024 pixels, you are done; if not, set the width to 1024 pixels.

It is always a good idea to sharpen an image after resizing it.

The exact instructions for resizing an image will depend on the software you are using. A somewhat outdated (in terms of the versions of programs used) presentation can be found by clicking here. However, it may still be useful.
File Names

Files must be named according to the following template:

X_Y_Image Title_Firstname_Lastname.jpg


X = the class in which you compete (i.e. either “A” or “B”)

Y = the competition category

“O” for Open

“N” for Nature

“P” for Portraiture

“M” for Monochromatic

“A” for Architecture

Image Title — Capitalize the first letter of each word and use spaces. Use of characters other than nmbers and/or letters will create problems with our laptop.

Firstname and Lastname — of the image maker
Thus, if Jane Smith (who competes in class B) is submitting an image titled “Eagle Feeding in Homer, AK” as a nature image, her file would be named:

B_N_Eagle Feeding In Homer, AK_Jane_Smith.jpg
Make-up Images

Must be marked as such by adding an “M” as the first character of the submission. Thus if Jane Smith’s image was a make-up image it would be named:
MB_N_Eagle Feeding In Homer, AK_Jane_Smith.jpg

Sending Images

All images are collected by email.

Send properly sized and named files as attachments to

Please do not send other email to this address as it is only checked when image submission deadlines are due.