Model Night Demo

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Tip of the lens cap to Jeff T. and Matt for their comprehensive look at portrait shooting. With the use of detailed text and more than adequate explanations, we were totally engaged in the Do’s and Don’t’s of Portrait Photography. Over the course of about an hour the two professional photographers took turns to discuss and demonstrate posing, lighting, and accessorizing a story. Each topic was further embellished with a live shoot of their lovely assistant, Taylor. As soon as they shot her demonstrating a specific, the image was immediately projected on the large screen.

Matt, Taylor, and Jeff

Jeff, Matt and Taylor will be following up this demo with a practice shoot in the Blue Hills.


“It Worked at Home”

“Making a Point with Taylor Looking On!”


“Making Connections”


“Matt Proving a Point”



“Captive Audience”












Blue Hills Shoot

A follow-up live model session was set up for the Blue Hills. The weather cooperated for the ten members who came to try their hand at what Jeff and Matt discussed earlier in the week. Ron, Carl, Lynne, Kathy, Donna, Steph, Jeff W., and Dena with Jeff and Matt providing helpful hints.

Group Shot


Carl and Dena setting up their shot!




Blue Hills Shoot


Chimping Time











Always the Teacher!



Practice Makes Perfect









Set up with Model





Example of High Key and Low Key?










Got the Form Down







Jeff W in Shooting Mode










Relaxation Techniques




Putting the Techniques into Practice 









Steph Being Steph



Steph Takes Aim 














Got It!

The Opinions of Dena Do Not Reflect. . . 

Does Jeff know you shot this in AUTOMATIC?













Ron before He Found the Prop





Ron’s Parasol












Work It, Ron!








Ron Gets the Parasol AND the Girl!!!









Well, at Least I got the Parasol!















It’s a Wrap!!