2012 Holiday Gathering

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Thank you, Lynne, for coordinating this event. Twenty-one members along with eight guests made the annual holiday gathering a fun time. As is the custom we had more than enough food to satisfy everyone’s appetite. After an hour of small talk and chowing down, we got to the main event – the Yankee Swap. Several gifts were unwrapped, traded, and swapped a few times. 


“Dueling Cameras”




“Ignore the Guy with the Camera”








‘Payback is a . . . “




“Just Gotta Play with the Decorations!”











“The Sheputas – Deb, Joshua, and Frank”




“Did You Pay for That?”








“Wanna Trade Mister?”





“Self Serve”










“No Cutting the Line!”







“I counted 26, what did you get?”






“Meghan’s happiness was ever so fleeting as the reflector found a home several times!”











“Rich got a monopod – at least for a few minutes. . .”




“Frank’s happy with his selection or at least with the wrapping paper!”












I’M KEEPING THIS! And, Lynne did!”




“Joshua on the hunt!”









“Just what I need.




“Lily and her Dad marvel over the possibility of chocolate Dunkin munchkins!!”










“Elaine share her unwrapping with Mike.”







“Matt’s reading over the instructions carefully.”








“I could use that, dear!”









“Jim has a secret admirer?”