A Gated Community. . .

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Time to get you back outside! Let’s focus on gates – they are all over the area. Some very functional while some are just decorative! Others are very plain with a few others quite ornate. So keep your eyes open for a gate or two as you are walking, biking, kayaking, or driving about.

Here is one that is functional, ornate and has a camera that captures the license plates of those motorists who drive through it without the proper authority – want to see my ticket??

"North Gate, Siena"

“North Gate, Siena”



“Lynne’s Mansiongate”

"Lynne Gate"


 Joe’s “Water Gate”

"Water Gate"


 Phil N.’s Bridgegate

Phil Gate


Jac’s Stone Gate

Jac Gate



Ruth’s “Rocky Gate”

Rocky's gate_Ruth_Douillette














Kathy K.’s Garden Gate (Myrtle Beach)

K K Gate












Marian’s Farmgate

"Farm Gate"

Al’s Horsegate

"Horse Gate"




steph gate














Phil’s Half Gate














Ron’s Gates, Gates, and More Gates!

Gates Gates













Dena’s Nature’s Gate

Dena Naturesgate









Lena’s Cemeterygate











Jim’s Billgates! 


















Bill C.’s Closed Gate!

Closed Gate