Challenge Yourself!

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by Joe Kennedy   (Thank you, Rick for allowing me to post this in your space) 


How often have you heard a club member, or maybe even yourself, say, “I’m in a photo funk, haven’t taken my camera out in quite a while!”

 Okay, maybe it wasn’t those exact words but you get the message. All of us experience a “funk” with our photography every once in a while. So what are you to do? Do what I did, challenge yourself to shoot! It could be as simple as one photo a week or one-a-day for a month. The important thing is to set a realistic goal involving how often you will shoot. I also found having a photo-theme made me more likely to turn on my camera.

 Currently in the middle of my personal New Year’s challenge of shooting and posting an image every day, I ramped up my efforts to focus (literally and figuratively) on a monthly theme. Who knew when I posted my first image that several friends, relatives, and photo-enthusiasts were still logged into my blog from the past so they played along. In January, it was patterns and my blog-followers sent in guesses as to what it could be. With the colder weather of January and February I set something up inside; practiced macro and shot objects within a specific room. You don’t want to give yourself excuses not to shoot!


February’s daily challenge got more involved as I decided to capture objects alphabetically. So for the February 1st posting, I posted letters from an old typewriter to depict the Alphabet! To make it more interesting, each image would be an antique (turns out that I had most of the objects already in the house). But then, I decided to go one step further as my followers might get bored looking at antique Gas masks, Marbles, and a Zenith radio, so I added a daily trivia question to each posting. I had them hooked!

 N for Needles

N is Needles for a Victrola


March’s Challenge was all about numbers! I was amazed at the impact numbers have on everyday objects. Everywhere I looked there was a number, such as bar codes, calendars, speed limit signs, etc. 

At the end of each month, I have compiled all of the challenges for that month into one image!



31 January Challenges C

Joe Kennedy’s Composite of all the February Challenge Images



My inspiration to continue has been my daughter who paints a small still life EVERY day and posts it on her blog. She reached her Four Year Anniversary in May of 2013 with over 1,450 paintings! Now, that’s dedication!

 I’m not saying to get as involved as I did but there are a variety of subjects to break that “photo funk.” Having a monthly theme forced to look more intently at what is out there. The subjects were there for me to shoot, I just had to be more focused on them.

Here is a list of some potential subjects to consider:

Patterns, shadows, numbers, the alphabet, antiques, buildings, emotions, macro, flowers, car parts, etc. The list of potential challenges is limited only by your imagination.


So what are you waiting for, the weather is getting warmer, get out and click away! You can also join me as I escape my photo funk @