“Featuring. . .Ed Ohman”

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Quiet Man but Spoke Volumes as a Photographer!


The Ohmans - June and Ed

The Ohmans – June and Ed


Ed Ohman approached me at the last meeting to let me know that he probably would not be returning to HDP. His attention has been focused on the home front and has had little time to shoot.

It’s a sad day for photography when the Ed Ohmans of the world put their cameras down. Most of you knew Ed as the older gentleman who said little at our club meetings. However, there are a few of us who knew Ed in the days of the Greater Brockton Camera Club – that was my first encounter with Ed the Photographer.

 Ed and his good friend, Jack Alexander made the NECCC Conference a must-do every year. Friday night, after the last presentation, they would stop for an ice cream. I was fortunate to have joined them a few times. At this conference and at the Yankee Potpourri is where Ed would get his model shots. And, from the results to follow, he got some amazing images. 

He served the former club in every possible way and even stepped in to judge when we were short one. I still have copies of “The Lens Tissue” the newsletter that I published for GBCC. I started to look at the end-of the year awards and there was Ed’s name bold-faced in several categories. He and former member, Jack Alexander would battle it out for top club honors.


Here are some of his accomplishments from my archives (2001 to 2006):


Masters Slide of the Year                  2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006


Portrait of the Year                  2002, 2003 and 2005


Photo-travel Slide of the Year         2001 and 2006


I know Ed had many successful years prior to my recordkeeping.


I do not have any of Ed’s award-winning slides or images but I did find a few he had submitted for HDP competitions.


"Lulea, Sweden"

“Lulea, Sweden”



"Barn Owl"

“Barn Owl”










"Herring Gull"

“Herring Gull”






"Wild Iceland"

“Wild Iceland”












"Litil Geyser, Iceland"

“Litil Geyser, Iceland”


Ed adding his expertise to our annual Greater Lynn Salon workshop.


Station Three - Pat, Rich, Ed, Kathy K., and David K.

Station Three – Pat, Rich, Ed, Kathy K., and David K.


People like Ed Ohman come into our lives on rare occasions. For those of us who talked with him, listened to his stories, and shot alongside him, we are richer people!