Bi-Monthly Challenge – “Utensils”

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January / February, 2014


If it’s January, it must be time for another round of bi-monthly challenges. Tip of the lens cap to those who submitted for the Nov/Dec “Reflections” as we had sixteen images! 


Now this one should be a little easier – these items can be found in your kitchen and other rooms around your house. You don’t even have to go outside! Only rule: must be shot anytime AFTER December 31, 2013. 


1. Early Bird Jim’s “Mortar and Pestle”

Jim January Challange (1 of 2)










2. Joe’s “Writing Utensils

Utensils W












(Did you count seven?)


3. Ellen’sGetting to the Core

Ellen Best










4. Jac’s “Antique Kitchen Thingamajig” 

Jac Antique_Utensil1a-1








5. Marian’s “Antique Sausage Stuffer














6. Ruth’s “Sparkling Spoons!

ruth spoons reflecting











 7. Kathy K.’s “Service for a Giant” 

kathy k photo














8. Mariann’s “Falling Utensils

Marainn falling utensils













 9. Deedee’s “Vermonter’s Essentials














10. Phil’s “Moving Utensil

phil Moving Utensil










11. Al’s “Cooktop Utensil – a Bird’s Eye View”

Al Utensils-Monthly Challenge