Joe Kennedy Earns First PSA Star!

Written by Hockomock Joe on . Posted in Above and Beyond



Projected Image Division Award of Merit

Star Exhibitor, Color Class

Over the years I have been receiving acceptances from the various salons. So one day this past February, I decided to tally what I had – enough to qualify for my First PSA Star!


Since I kept detailed records of when and where each acceptance was awarded I began to fill out the necessary paperwork (not an easy task). The forms were sent to PSA and my official certificate arrived in the mail today (oddly enough, it was issued on my birthday).


One of the members of my PSA Image Study Group has amassed 5 galaxies in CPID, 5 stars EID, 4 stars Small Print Division, 4 stars Nature Division, 4 stars Photo Journalism Division and 4 stars Photo Travel Division!

I am MORE than content with my ONE star!