Images of the Year – Class B

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Congratulations to all who submitted images this year! Here are the images deemed worthy of recognition by Andre Bourque.

Class B Open

First Place


"Bluebird Family" - Bernie Creswick

“Bluebird Family” – Bernie Creswick


"Prince Charming" - Ruth Douillette

“Prince Charming” – DonnaBemis


"My Walker and I" - Lena Thomas

“My Walker and I” – Lena Thomas


"Toby on a Rainy Day" - Ruth Douillette

“Toby on a Rainy Day” – Ruth Douillette


Second Place

"Big Horn Sheep" - Bob Kniffen

“Big Horn Sheep” – Bob Kniffen


"Bridge at Night" - Jeff Weinstein

“Bridge at Night” – Jeff Weinstein


"Brookgreen Garden Butterfly" - David Kenney

“Brookgreen Garden Butterfly” – David Kenney


"Fanny's Tender Moment" - Deedee Gaudette

“Fanny’s Tender Moment” – Deedee Gaudette


"Gecko" - Ruth Douillette

“Gecko” – Ruth Douillette


"Leave Your Shoes Here" - Kathy Kenney

“Leave Your Shoes Here” – Kathy Kenney


"Osprey Catching Fish" - Ralph Stephens

“Osprey Catching Fish” – Ralph Stephens


"Reaching out to the Canyon" - Gail Salguero

“Reaching out to the Canyon” – Gail Salguero



Third Place



"Angel in the Wings" - Pat Illsley

“Angel in the Wings” – Pat Illsley


"Butterfly on Chives" - Bob Kniffen

“Butterfly on Chives” – Bob Kniffen


"Christmas Joy" - Donna Bemis

“Christmas Joy” – Donna Bemis


"Driftwood" - Gail Silva

“Driftwood” – Gail Silva


"Eyes and Stripes" - Ruth Douillette

“Eyes and Stripes” – Ruth Douillette


"Feed Me" - Bill Crandell

“Feed Me” – Bill Crandell


"Good Night" - David Lee

“Good Night” – David Lee


"My Light" - Gail Silva

“My Light” – Gail Silva


"Sunrise Burst" - Kathy Evans

“Sunrise Burst” – Kathy Evans


"Tyson's Roar" - Nolyn Simoes

“Tyson’s Roar” – Nolyn Simoes


"Under clingman's dome" - Ruth Douillette

“Under Clingman’s Dome” – Ruth Douillette


"Yesteryear II" - Gail Salguero

“Yesteryear II” – Gail Salguero