October / November Challenge – “Places of Worship”

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For the next two months the challenge will be to capture a place of worship – church, chapel, synagogue, temple, wherever people gather to worship. Growing up in Dorchester some of my friends used, “Joseph’s Donut Shop,”as their preferred place to hang during the Sunday Mass. Those of us who did go would share the priest’s sermon and the church bulletin with them. Sorry, no breakfast nooks or other such places will be accepted! 


1. Joe’s “Guardian Angel Cathedral, Las Vegas” 

Guardian Angel Cathedral, LV












2. Stephanie’s “Cross of St. Joseph’s Church

Stephanie Spyropoulos St Josephs cross










3. Jac’s “Eaton, NH Spiritual Setting

Eaton NH










4. Phil H.’s “Dove from Above

Dove From Above












5. Ron’s “United Parish of Carver

United Parish of Carver














6. Ellen’s “Portiuncula Chapel”

Porticunula Chapel













7. Lynne’s “Peace Abbey

Peace Abbey













8. Phil N.’s “Long Plain Meetinghouse











9. JIm’s “Earth, Sky & Water, Falmouth

Place of Worship (1 of 1)






 10. Jeff W.’s “Fall in the Cemetery”

fall in the cemetery










11.  Mariann’s “Buddhist Thai Temple

Buddhist Thai Temple













12. Cindy’s “San Jose Mission

Cindy San Jose Mission









13. Ed’s, “Episcopal Church, Whitman

Ed Episcopal Church Whitman













14. Judy’s “Buddha 

Buddha - Lemire