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I got my first SLR (film) more than 45 years ago.  During the film days I shot mostly family, tourist photos, and promotional photos for the research company where I was employed. Yet I would take some landscape and nature images. When I got my first DSLR in 2003, I started to expand on my photo skills starting with sunrise and sunset landscapes, then expanded big time into birding.  
As a member of the HDP club, I have been encouraged to start pushing myself into portraits and architecture.  I have also been reconsidering whether to crop or not crop images.  For example, I am starting to include more surrounding with bird photography.  I like going back to the same areas to try to find better and different images from what I took there before.
For my ten images, I decided to select 10 of my early digital images so that you can decide if my photos are improving.


Nature Calling!

Pelican at Sunrise II

“Pelican at Sunrise”



"Palm Tree after Sunset"

“Palm Tree after Sunset”





"Mushroom Mountain"

“Mushroom Mountain”













Locally shot. . .


Sailboat at Wings Neck Lighthouse II

“Sailboat at Wings Neck Lighthouse”



"Robins Pond Early Morning"

“Robins Pond Early Morning”



"Robin's Pond BW"

“Robin’s Pond BW”














Getting Around!


"Early Morning Fishermen"

“Early Morning Fishermen”



"Juno Beach"

“Juno Beach”



"Columbus, Ohio"

“Columbus, Ohio”