2014 NECCC Conference

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2014 NECCC Conference at Amherst

Okay, the NECCC Conference isn’t really a field trip but about a dozen of us went and it was about photography and it was education and fun! 


Mariann Tells All!

It was awesome to get the complimentary registration to NECCC, and I thank the club for participating in the program.  It may be the straw that tipped my hand into going.  I am so thankful I did.  I would say to anyone who would be thinking about it to GO!

A weekend filled with more photography than you could imagine, every genre, every style, every type of speaker. I tried to fill my weekend with every opportunity to learn and listen and came away with a great sense of the possibilities that lie before me, along with finding out how much I did not know. So much to learn!

 I found the speakers, the accommodations, the connecting with my fellow HDP members above my expectation.  The program is well run, efficient and easy complete with places to shop for photo equipment!  The keynote speaker Sam Abell was mesmerizing, in a soft monotone lecture he gave a great lesson on patience and truly thinking about the shot.  I would say he was the highlight of all the lectures I attended, but the real highlight of the entire weekend was being with Kathy Evans as she accepted her award for “Best Botany”.


I left inspired having heard about new techniques and new ideas and understand now that the important piece is not always to go our and get it perfect but to go out and try, even if you don’t succeed, try and try again.  Keep learning and going forward.


Thanks HDP for the opportunity.  I’m looking forward to another great year learning and sharing with all of you.


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Joe’s Reflections on the 2014 NECCC Conference


HDP was well represented at this year’s conference as there were thirteen of us there – first timers Mariann, Kathy E., Ruth, and Bernie.

As usual there were more workshop choices than slots to fit them into. One reason for this was this year’s decision to use longer sessions (ninety minutes versus sixty in the past). This scheduling change meant not only fewer sessions but each presenter would be appearing twice. 

I managed to keep myself busy with workshops on Creating Pleasing Blurs, Macro, Waterfalls, and several others. For the second year the presenter’s notes were available on line so one didn’t have to try taking notes in the dark! One time frame was devoid of anything I wanted to see so I brought my camera along and shot the models, which were posing for us. And, had ample time to get my camera sensor cleaned!For me there were two highlights. The featured speaker on Saturday evening was Sam Abell of National Geographic. His presentation was captivating and educational. I managed to scoop up one of his books after the keynote address. The other highlight for me was being able to spend quality time with other HDP members. Since most of us opted for the meal plan, we managed to break bread numerous times. It was an opportunity to find out what programs they enjoyed and which could be skipped. It afforded me the chance to get caught up on what’s happening beyond the camera.


The 2015 NECCC Conference will be held one week later. So pencil in these dates – July 17th, 18th, and 19th – and think about joining us for a weekend of photography! 


From the model shoot, here’s “Raven!



V. P. Madame Ruth’s NECCC Conference Experience

As a first-timer to 2014 NECCC in Amherst this summer, I was impressed with the variety of offerings I could chose from. I got into all the sessions I wanted and was not disappointed in any of them. I learned a lot and was both challenged and inspired to try out some of the techniques on my own at home.

The conference was well run and organized; the guest speakers were very professional and accomplished. The schedule was such that I never felt rushed and found plenty of time to visit the venders and exhibits.

I hope to attend the conference again. It’s a good jump-start for any flagging enthusiasm that tends to crop up now and then!


Ruth’s shot of the “Male Model