2014 Holiday Gathering

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 2014 HDP Holiday Gathering

About twenty-six of us gathered for the 2014 HDP Social Gathering! Missing from the mix was the HDP Social coordinator, Lynne. She was missed. Fortunately, we had Ron as her back-up!

Lots of pizza and soda and cake – then the Yankee Swap took over. This year’s fan favorite was a stuffed pink flamingo. Actually it wasn’t the bird as much as it was the scratch tickets that came with it. This gift changed hands about three or four times with Lynne’s husband, Tim taking it home. She won $20! Bottles of wine didn’t stay with the original opener as they went home by way of the swap.  


"Tim and his Flamingo"
“Tim and his Flamingo”


"Ruth, Phil, Laura, and Deedee"
“Ruth, Phil, Laura, and Deedee”


"Spreading Mirth and Glee!"
“Spreading Mirth and Glee!”



"HDP Honorary Member, Lily"
“HDP Honorary Member, Lily”


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Yankee Swap

"Yankee Swap Choices"
“Yankee Swap Choices”


Lily Picks for Her Dad
Lily Picks for Her Dad


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Thanks to JimRon, and Joe for capturing the evening for the website!