Capt. Carl’s Adventures

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We, at HDP, have been most fortunate to have members share some of their time, treasures and talents with other members. Carl is another person whose generosity has come through.

A few years ago, he offered to take up to four people out on his boat off the coast of Pocasset. Carl has done his homework as to setting sun, the tides, and other activities in the bay to get us the best photo ops!


Joe’s 2013 Experience

"In the Lead"

“In the Lead”


"Wings Neck Sunset"

“Wings Neck Sunset”












Lynne in 2015


"Backlit Boat"

“Backlit Boat”


wed boatlighthouse











Bernie, 2015


"Bird Island Light"

“Bird Island Light”


"Off to the Races"

“Off to the Races”