Class A Open 2013 / 2014

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The images on this page were deemed the best of Class A Open for 2013 – 2014! Congratulations to all who submitted this year. . .


First Place

"Carolyn" - Jeff Turner
“Carolyn” – Jeff Turner

"Seascape" - Jim Weidenfeller
“Seascape” – Jim Weidenfeller

"Snowy in Flight" - Rick Alvarnaz
“Snowy in Flight” – Rick Alvarnaz

Second Place

"Baggage Claims" - Rich Reynolds
“Baggage Claims” – Rich Reynolds

"In the Lead" - Rich Reynolds
“In the Lead” – Rich Reynolds

"I've Lost My Head" - Phil Holt
“I’ve Lost My Head” – Phil Holt

"Motorcross Racer 90" - Rich Reynolds
“Motorcross Racer 90” – Rich Reynolds

Third Place

"O Martha!" - Phil Holt
“O Martha!” – Phil Holt

"Dream Kitchen" - Joe Kennedy
“Dream Kitchen” – Joe Kennedy

"In the Lead" - Joe Kennedy
“In the Lead” – Joe Kennedy

"Knotted" - Phil Holt
“Knotted” – Phil Holt

"Loon with Crab" - Carl Albro
“Loon with Crab” – Carl Albro

"Path Well Taken" - Joe Kennedy
“Path Well Taken” – Joe Kennedy