2013 Class B Assigned

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Class B participants showed a lot of progress this year with several rookies submitting outstanding images. It won’t be long before they move to Class  A. Here is the cream of this cropping. . .


Class B Assigned

First Place

"Colors" - Lena Thomas
Colors” – Lena Thomas
"Grist Mill in RI" - Ralph Stephens
Grist Mill in RI” – Ralph Stephens
"Angry Cardinal" - Ralph Stephens
Angry Cardinal” – Ralph Stephens
"Bird Feeding" - Jeff Weinstein
Bird Feeding” – Jeff Weinstein
"Buggy Driver" - Ruth Douillette
Buggy Driver” – Ruth Douillette
"Musician's Passion" - Nolyn Simoes
Musician’s Passion” – Nolyn Simoes

Second Place

"Covered Bridge" - Chris DeLorenzo
Covered Bridge” – Chris DeLorenzo
"Falkirk Wheel" - Pat Illsley
Falkirk Wheel” – Pat Illsley
"Parliament Ceiling" - Mariann Moberg
Parliament Ceiling” – Mariann Moberg
"Doorway to the Past" - Lynne Lyons
Doorway to the Past” – Lynne Lyons
"Providence River Walk" - Gail Salguero
Providence River Walk” – Gail Salguero
"Walkway of Reflections" - Donna Bemis
Walkway of Reflections” – Donna Bemis
"In Flight" - Mike Koski
In Flight” – Mike Koski
"Cole at One" - Mariann Moberg
Cole at One” – Mariann Moberg
"Tori" - Stephanie Spryopoulos
Tori” – Stephanie Spryopoulos

Third Place

"Outhouse Decay" - Al Bandlow
Outhouse Decay” – Al Bandlow

 "Pembroke Herring Run" - Jeff Weinstein

Pembroke Herring Run” – Jeff Weinstein
"Old Cranberry Shed" - Phil Nardozzi
Old Cranberry Shed” – Phil Nardozzi
"Golden Leaf" - Kathy Kenney
Golden Leaf” – Kathy Kenney
"Put Your Right Foot In" - Lynne Lyons
Put Your Right Foot In” – Lynne Lyons
"Whitetail Deer Grazing" - Ruth Douillette
Whitetail Deer Grazing” – Ruth Douillette
"Sebastian" - David Lee
Sebastian” – David Lee
"The Brockton Fair" - Jeff Weinstein
The Brockton Fair” – Jeff Weinstein
"Daydreaming" - Lena Thomas
Daydreaming” – Lena Thomas