Glennie International Nature Salon

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2016 Glennie Results

The slide continues as we fell further from the top spots. With a total of 223 points (just six off our 2015 total) we tied for 58th spot. In all some eighty (80) clubs participated in this year’s nature salon. Our results:


26 pts.   Carl’s “You Are Going DownMerit Award

24 pts.   Bernie’s “Great Blue Heron with Fish

23 pts.   Mariann’s “Love on the Rocks

               Rick’s “White Breasted Nuthatch

22 pts.  Bernie’s “White Pelicans

               Rick’s “Starling with Berries

               Carl’s “Gull with Crab

21 pts.   Phil N.’s “Bear Dens Falls

               Joe’s “Pulpit Falls

19 pts.   George’s “Red-eyed Tree Frog





2015 Glennie Results

We slipped a lot from last year’s commendable 26th place finish. I believe one of the reasons was the limited number of images from which we could select – we had just the one Nature competition. So for 2015 HDP landed tied for 40th place with a grand total of 229 points. We did have four Acceptances in the mix:

25 pts.

Joe’s “Gordon of Maine

Rich’s “An Intimate Moment” 

24 pts.

Ruth’s “Birds of a Feather

Cindy’s “Sunrise Stones



2014 Glennie Nature Competition


Each year HDP is invited to participate in the George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon.

The Competition Committee has decided to use the Nature Class A and Class B Images of the Year as our entries.


Well, the results are in and Hockomock Digital made a huge leap from its 46th place finish in 2013 to 26th this time around! Oddly enough, we scored almost one hundred points less but still managed to sit in a tie for 26th place with our 179 points.


The Glennie continues to draw international interest, as eighty-five clubs entered this year’s competition. HDP finished in the upper third of the popular inter-club salon which was quite an accomplishment.


Also, HDP garnered two Merit Awards:

Rick’s “Red-Breasted Nuthatch” took the award in the Perched Bird genre



Rich’s “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy” was so honored for the Large Carnivore 

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy_Rich_Reynolds



2013 Results:

HDP finished 46th out of 98 clubs competing.

Four Acceptances – Carl (2), Rich (1), and Carol (1)

2012 Results;

HDP did not submit images.

2011 Results:

HDP finished in a tie for 79th place – with 109 clubs competing.

Steph’s “Bridal Falls” earned a Merit Award for Landscapes / Waterscapes