Greater Lynn International Salon

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2015 Greater Lynn International Salon

Results came back from the final GLI Salon. HDP amassed 311 points for the last go-round of the Greater Lynn. Thanks to all who did submit. We placed 13th – just about the middle of the pack.

Congrats to Rich as his “Swan Lake Dahlia” took home the “Botany Medal!”

Swan Lake Dahlia


Year Ranking  Points Entrants  Acceptances Honors
2011 13th 309 pts. 34 18 / 12.5% 0
2012 10th 317 pts. 27 19 / 17.5% 3
2013 8th 318 pts. 23 24 / 26% 3
2014 Not  Run
2015 13th 311 pts. 20 15 / 19% 1 Medal


Acceptances (15) were:
Carl (2)
Bill (1)
Bernie (1)
Ruth (2)
Deedee (1)
Joe (2)
Mariann (2)
Rich (3)
Lena (1)

The top seven accumulated scores were figured into our 311 points:

Rich – 52 pts.
Carl  – 46
Joe – 44
Mariann – 44
Ruth – 42
Ralph – 42
Bernie – 41


Alas, all good things must come to an end and 2015 marked the final time that the GLI will be held. This is an individual competition where those interested may submit four images of any genre.

HDP takes this event one step further by conducting a workshop for our members to get assistance in the selection process. This year we had twenty club photographers assigned to the five computer stations which were managed by more seasoned members. We try to assign interested members  to a station depending on which editing program they use. A mini-image study then transpired with members getting support and suggestions on how to improve upon an image. At the end of the night those who came with ten images left with their Final Four


2013 Annual Greater Lynn International Workshop

If it’s January, it has to be the Greater Lynn International workshop at HDP! Once again we set up five stations with members who are more experienced in submitting for this salon. Interested members were asked to bring in eight to ten potential images to be reviewed at their station. Counting in the station masters, we had about twenty-one HDPers entering the 2013 competition. Here are a few of the members who were there and who was doing what. . .

Station One – Donna, Lena, George, Dick, and Rick



“Station Two”



Ron and Carl








Station Three – Pat, Rich, Ed, Kathy K., and David


Jeff T., Kathy, and Megan

“Station Five – Steph, Jeff W., Jim, Phil H., and Ed”









Jac and Marian sat this one out. . .


2013 Greater Lynn International Salon Results

The workshop paid dividends as 2013 was our best year to date! Some 5600 images were reviewed by the GLI panel of judges. HDP finished 9th out of 46 clubs. As a club we had 23 Acceptances and garnered three Greater Lynn Photographer’s Association Honor Awards – Ruth Douillette, Joe Kennedy, and George Morse.

"Caretaker's Cat" - Ruth
“Caretaker’s Cat” – Ruth




"Enriched Sunflower" - Joe

“Enriched Sunflower” – Joe


"The Guardian" - George

“The Guardian” – George












Here is a breakdown of how HDP did in comparison to previous years. . .



Year Ranking  Points Entrants  Acceptances Honors
2011 13th 309 pts. 34 18 / 12.5% 0
2012 10th 317 pts. 27 19 / 17.5% 3
2013 8th 318 pts. 23 24 / 26% 3