Ocean State International Salon

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2014 Ocean State International

Improvements All Around!

Once again, Hockomock Digital had an impressive showing for this annual international salon as 42% of our membership competed! By my facts and figures, we had the best response (percentage-wise) from a club! With 27 clubs in the overall competition, HDP finished just above the middle of the pack at #12. Our combined score of 267 points put us just three behind South Shore Camera Club in Quincy.


Compared to our last entry in the OSI, we improved dramatically all around:


                                    2012                      2013                            2014                                            
Entrants 12 8 17  
% Entered 24% 16% 42%  
Aggregate Score 264 242 267  
Finished 10th / 19 clubs  14th / 19 clubs 12th / 27 clubs  
Acceptances 12 5 17  
Highest Aggregate Rich’s 47 Joe’s 44 Joe’s 47  


As for Acceptances (images that garnered 12 or more points) we had seventeen. Here is the breakdown:

Three (3)


Two (2)





 One (1)




     Pat I.





2012 Ocean State International Salon 

Ten HDP members decided to compete in this annual event sponsored by Photographic Society of Rhode Island. We finished in the middle of the pack of contributing clubs amassing 264 points.


Acceptances were earned by Rich (3), Rick (3), Joe (3), Carl (1), Ron (1), and Lynne (1). Rich was the top scorer for HDP with a total aggregate of 47 points!


2012 Ocean State Results