Sept. / Oct. Challenge – “W i t W. . .”

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W i t W – Where in the World – has been set up for our next bi-monthly  (September and October) challenge. You will be able to sift through your archives to pull an image of your favorite location. The true challenge will be to choose one place! The ONLY rule the image has to be anywhere beyond your hometown.


If this is successful, maybe we can make it W i t W Wednesday or Traveling Tuesday for our Facebook page! I know quite a few of us could continue to post for another thirty to forty years!



W i t W Logo

This world has been brought to you by sculpture Nathan Sawaya – from his “Art of the Brick” LEGO exhibit.





For me, my favorite place to visit and photograph has to be the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! This annual event held in October has been dubbed, “The most photographed event in the world!” It’s not hard to see why as some seven hundred hot air balloons ascend each morning – they take off all around you!

What makes Albuquerque so unique is more than the sheer volume of seeing this many balloons in one place, it’s also the arrival of the Special Shapes! Upwards of seventy-five of this commercially sponsored balloons always make the Fiesta a must on their schedules.


Special Shapes Ascension

Here is a sample of some of them – Humpty Dumpty, the Little Bees, Darth Vadar’s Helmet, Lady Bug, among others. 

If you have a lifelist, make sure the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in near the top of the list!


Phil H.

Beacon Hill Street” 

phil h Sept. challenge

I grew up in this area and always thought this was a beautiful area.



Somewhere in the Deep Woods of NH” 

 Al Deep Woods


This is a peaceful area deep in the woods of New Hampshire that I look forward to visiting yearly, and have done so for the past 45 years.



If you had to guess where this image was taken, you probably never would.

aruba natural pool


I photographed a destination wedding in Aruba for my friend’s son this September. Aruba is a great get-a-way for those who love to sit on the beach under the palms and relax. While that sounds perfect, it’s not my style, and I eagerly grabbed my last day (when the wedding was over) to tour the the north side of Aruba. What a stark contrast to the tropical south. It’s all cactus and desert and rocky coastline. This image is a natural pool, 12-14 feet deep, in which I got to snorkel. Such great tropical fish there! wish I had an underwater camera.


I like the wild side of the island better than the manicured touristy side.



“Waikiki at Night”

Waikiki at Night David


I discovered that I was meant to be part Hawaiian. This photo represents the last night I was in Honolulu and we are waiting to go back.

The goal is to retire to the 50th State!