Snowy Owls

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With the plethora of Snowy Owls appearing in the area, several members have been out looking for them.

Here is a sample of what was shot:

"Snowy Owl in Flight - Rick Alvarnaz"
“Snowy Owl in Flight – Rick Alvarnaz”

"Resting Female Snowy" - Rich Reynolds
“Resting Female Snowy” – Rich Reynolds

"Perched Snowy" - Joe Kennedy
“Perched Snowy” – Joe Kennedy

"Snowy in Flight" - Jim Weidenfeller
“Snowy in Flight” – Jim Weidenfeller

"Incoming" - Jeff Turner
“Incoming” – Jeff Turner

Jeff W.'s "Snowy from Gooseberry Island"
Jeff Weinstein’s “Snowy from Gooseberry Island”