Submitting Images

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Due to several glitches with the automatic collection system of the past, we have decided to return to a more controlled one. Carl will be collecting competition and image study images!


As in the past all images need to be sized correctly – 1024 x 768

This means your bottom edge cannot exceed 1024 px in length while the side (height) has to be 768 px or less.


All images must be titled – “Untitled” will not be accepted.


Send your images to Carl at

Use the following naming

Class_ Genre_Title.jpg




First delineation A or B signifies your assigned Class A or B.

All new members are automatically assigned to B unless specifically requested assignment to A.


Second area is the Genre. We will use the first letter of the genre to mark this space:

A for Architecture

C for Creative

M for Monochromatic

N for Nature

O for Open

P for Portraiture


Third and final section will be your title. Use underscore to separate the class from the genre as well as to represent spaces in your title.


Duck Brook Scenic becomes Duck_Brook_Scenic


*There can be only letters and numbers used in your title. All other punctuation marks (commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, exclamation points, etc.) may cause your image not to be uploaded and thus not used!


*NOTE – Your name will NOT be included in this titling of your image.


Carl has offered to send out an email about the competition images he has received a few days prior to the deadline. This will help us to identify anyone’s image that was not received and act as  a final reminder to those who forgot to enter.