Waterfall with Phil N

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Shoot Two – Waterfalls!

Just at the break of dawn, a group of nine members from HDP stood around Phil’s driveway before heading out to capture several waterfalls in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Obviously Phil had done his homework as the directions and the settings were perfect – now, if he could only figure on how to dial down the mosquitoes! 

Our first stop was Royalston, MA and Doane’s Falls

Doane's Falls C W 1651

 Joe’s “Doane’s Falls


"Doane's Falls" Phil H.

 Phil’s “Doane’s Falls”



Doane's Falls PN



After ample time there, we headed off to view Bear Den’s Falls in New Salem.

Bear's Den Falls JK
“Bear’s Den Falls” (Joe)


 Using the Phil Ephect

"Bear's Den Falls" (Joe)


Being close to lunch we found a Subway’s. Bernie brought along enough discount coupons for all of us and anyone else in the restaurant! Enjoying the much-needed break were Bill, Ralph, Bernie, Deedee, Ruth, Pat B., both Phils, and me.

Back on the road, the three-car caravan headed into NH and the town of Wilton where the Garwin Falls are situated. We spent the rest of the afternoon here feeding the local mosquitoes and filling up our SD cards.


Deedee GF II

Deedee’s “Garwin Falls

Garwin's Falls
Garwin’s Falls” (Joe)


Lining up her Shot1737

Ruth setting up her shot! 


More of Ruth’s “Garwin Falls

Garwin waterfalls (1) RD

"Garwin's Falls" (Ruth)


"Waterfalls Glow" (Ruth)












Tree Close up1732
“Tree Close-up” (Joe)

Taking It All In 1734

 Pat Reflecting



Waterfall PN

Garwin – Phil N.







Bernie Candid 1733
“Bernie Candid” (Joe)

Just Bill C W 1735

 “Just Bill” (Joe)



Bernie GF 4 W
“Garwin’s” (Bernie)



Ralph and Phil C W 1738

Ralph and Phil


Bernie GF  2W
“Garwin’s Falls” (Bernie)



Tip of the lens cap to BernieDeedeePhil N., Ruth,  and Joe for sharing their images. . .


Thanks to Phil for organizing this photo op. Going along is always informative, educational and a great time to socialize!