Meghan Shoot

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Once again, Jeff Turner has provided interested members with a unique opportunity to do a model shoot. This time with the help of Captain Carl’s boat, “The Picture Perfect,” the small group set up on an island off Pocasset.


Joining in the shoot on Bassett Island were members Jeff, Carl, Steph, Laura, Lily, and me. Jeff brought along the carefree and most cooperative model, Meghan.

Meghan went through a series of six outfit changes and numerous poses to keep us clicking away. I believe Carl remarked he had registered over 2,000 clicks on his camera!


Carl’s Sampling

Meghan I Carl



Meghan III Carl










Joe’s Favorites 

Meghan on Boat C W 2032



Meghan after Dark C W 2459
















"Wardrobe Attendants"

“Wardrobe Attendants”


"Lily and Meghan"

“Lily and Meghan”


Steph’s Shoot

Steph0994       Steph0622














Laura’s Captures 















Laura 0343