Team Turner and Sensor Cleaning

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We kicked off HDP’s Season Nine programs with a most interesting one – “Cleaning our Camera Sensors!” We are all aware of not only the expense of getting it done professionally but the perils of trying to do it on your own! For many of us, we rely either on the self-cleaning options on our cameras or the rocket blower device. Team Turner – Jeff and Lily – helped to lessen the burden on both concerns.

After taking a test shot, most of us were surprised to see the little dust spots on our LCDs. Here is where Jeff and his first assistant, Lily, sprung into action. Equipped with a toothbrush, Lily was assigned the task of cleaning the outside of of our cameras. She brushed away as the members were awaiting Jeff’s final touch on the inner workings. 

The senior Turner painstakingly swabbed the sensors and gave it a thorough wipe around the lens contacts and mounting. Many of us were surprised at the amount of gunk Jeff found there!

So for a mere $5 and a little bit of your time, we all left with a sensor ready to capture our next shoot WITHOUT the little dust spots!


Thanks, Jeff and Lily!


Team Turner C W


“Team Turner – Lily and Jeff”

"Fielding Questions"

“Fielding Questions”



"First Assistant"

“First Assistant”














"The Master at work!"

“The Master at work!”



"VP Ruth Getting the Info"

“VP Ruth Getting the Info”













Lily and Jeff

Lily and Jeff



Inside Job

Inside Job











"The Specialist"

“The Specialist”