Boston’s South Station

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Mariann worked her magic and secured permission for us to shoot the iconic train station. After a lengthy behind the scenes tour with Richard, we were left to explore the area on our own.


It’s always interesting to see the various focal points people take on the same shoot. Some captured the people, others the trains, and a few the architecture. Then the post-processing brought these images into a new life.


For a start Mariann’s contact person, Holly wants to feature our images on their website.


Here is what what saw that day. . .

South Station Activity


"The People" - Ruth

“The People” – Ruth


"Focal Point" Bernie

“Focal Point” Bernie


"Now Arriving" - Ruth

“Now Arriving” – Ruth











"That's My Train!" - Bernie

“That’s My Train!” – Bernie




"Train to Catch" - Phil N.

“Train to Catch” – Phil N.










"Keeping Pace" - Phil N.

“Keeping Pace” – Phil N.



"Queuing Up" - Bernie

“Queuing Up” – Bernie










"On Schedule" - Phil H.

“On Schedule” – Phil H.





"The Express" - Joe

“The Express” – Joe












"Going Home" - Phil N.

“Going Home” – Phil N.



"Commuter Car" - Joe

“Commuter Car” – Joe



"The T" - Phil H.

“The T” – Phil H.


Last Call – All Aboard!


"Terminal Straggler" - Kathy

“Terminal Straggler” – Kathy



"Acela Bar Closed" - Sherri

“Acela Bar Closed” – Sherri



"Acela Lounge Empty" - Sherri

“Acela Lounge Empty” – Sherri












"Platform 4 / 5 Cleared" - Joe

“Platform 4 / 5 Cleared” – Joe




"Another Day Is Done!" - Sherri

“Another Day Is Done!” – Sherri














The Architecture of South Station


"Platform 4 and 5" - Phil H.

“Platform 4 and 5” – Phil H.



"South Station Pillars" - Ruth

“South Station Pillars” – Ruth




"Supporting Beams" - Phil N.

“Supporting Beams” – Phil N.










"Historic South Station" - Kathy

“Historic South Station” – Kathy





"Summer Street Entrance"

“Summer Street Entrance” – Pat I.