Interclub Competition Results

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This year we rejoined the NECCC Inter-club Competition where we are considered a Class B club. There are about twenty-five other photo organizations throughout New England involved in both the Nature and Pictorial (Open) competitions.


Our four (4) submitted images are selected by our Competition Committee from among the top finishers in previous competitions – Nature and/or Assigned. NECCC has a steadfast rule in that no one maker can have more than one image entered. So, at times there may be an image scoring higher by our committee but not submitted as the maker had another already being considered.


NECCC Inter-club

Winter Pictorial Honorable Mention Winners 


"Radiant Dandelion" - Rick A.

“Radiant Dandelion” – Rick A.

"Last Call at Loren's Saloon" - Joe K.

“Last Call at Loren’s Saloon” – Joe K.














"Good Harbor Beach" - Phil N.

“Good Harbor Beach” – Phil N.



NECCC  Pictorial Competition


Round I     Hockomock Digital                           92 pts.        2nd place

Round II   Hockomock Digital                          84 pts.        5th place


Standings 176 pts. – 3rd Place



NECCC Nature Competition


Round I                   Hockomock Digital        82 pts.       6th place                                   

Round II                 Hockomock Digital        78 pts.       6th place


Standings 160 pts. – 6th Place


PSA Inter-club

"Bear Den's Falls"

Phil N.’s “Bear Den’s Falls” HM 


PSA Pictorial Competition

    Round I    Hockomock Digital   57 pts.     16th place

    Round II  Hockomock Digital    o pts.        **

       **Never received but will be considered in the next round along with Round III images


PSA Nature Competition

    Round I     Hockomock Digital   62 pts.     6th

Round II   Hockomock Digital   66 pts.    12th

Standings after two rounds                    128 pts.         20th place