Holiday Social 2015

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Another fun evening as twenty members, three spouses and two of their children came together at the East Bridgewater Public Library.


Lynne, Ron, and Laura did an exceptional job of planning and setting up for the event! Pizza and salad arrived right on time and those attending started to line up for the food. After the munching ended, it was time to drag out the numbered tags and start the Yankee Swap.


A few items managed to exchange hands a couple of times before being taken home by someone with a low numbered tag.


Phil the N opened up his swap and was a little confused as to what he had – the items were all in Japanese! No problem, as Paul’s daughter, Hannah offered her bilingual talent and explained what he had.

"Hannah Translates"

“Hannah Translates”


Our other non-adult was also our youngest member, Lily. She and Hannah managed to entertain themselves throughout the evening.









Just Lily

“Just Lily!”


Here are a few of the other captures for the evening. . .


"Lynne and Laura  two thirds of our Social Committee!"

“Lynne and Laura
two thirds of our Social Committee!”


"At the End of this Table. . ."

“At the End of this Table. . .”














"Small Talk"

“Small Talk”










The Yankee Swap!


""Phil the N and Al had #1 and #2!

“”Phil the N and Al had #1 and #2!


"Mariann Unwrapping her Swap"

“Mariann Unwrapping her Swap”


"And Pat Got. . ."

“And Pat Got. . .”














"Rick's Keeping His!"

“Rick’s Keeping His!”



"Rogers First HDP Swap"

“Rogers First HDP Swap”












"Lynne's Choice"

“Lynne’s Choice”




"Elaborate Decorations I"

“Elaborate Decorations

"Good Sport, Roger"

“Good Sport, Roger”




Fun time for all!