“Revisiting with Jim Weidenfeller”

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Jim was one of the first members to be featured on our website. With the lack of interest from several requests, I decided to revisit some of the earlier profiles.

Self Portrait


Member since 2007 – Year One!

Library Liaison


New Member Committee




I was born at a very young age in Brockton. 


Clark on front steps

(yep, that’s Jim on the front steps in Brockton) 


My long interest with photography goes back to being the “family photographer” at every function. I had a black and white darkroom, I took 8 mm movies, and even color slides.


In the 1980’s I re-discovered photography and with my partner began making pictures rather than taking snapshots.  With the advent of digital photography the new “hobby” became an obsession.  I am working at it harder every day and trying to learn and express what I see in photos.


 Visit my web site www.jcandmphotography.com an leave a “hi”.


Jim’s gems. . .

"First Day of School"

“First Day of School”



"Red Umbrella"

“Red Umbrella”














"Eggs and Fork"

“Eggs and Fork”








"Barn Window Box"

“Barn Window Box”




"Calm Morning"

“Calm Morning”










"Yellowstone Morning"

“Yellowstone Morning”