Phil’s Phantastic Photo Phield Phun #4!

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Once again Phil the N (Nardozzi) came through with a most interesting photo shoot. To date he has managed to get some of us into an old farmhouse, a mini-tour of several waterfalls, a graveyard for trucks and now, several historic buildings in Fairhaven. For about five hours we were allowed to set up our tripods and shoot the inner halls and beyond of the Fairhaven Town Hall, the town’s library and the Unitarian Universalist Church. And, lunch at Margaret’s was a great chance to sit and have a delicious meal!

Special tip of the lens cap to town historian, Richard and Betty, the church guide.


Town Hall Images

"Spiral Stairway" - Phil H.

“Spiral Stairway” – Phil H.


"Town Hall Clock" - Phil H.

“Town Hall Clock” – Phil H.

"Joe and Phil H at the Clock" - Bernie C.

“Joe and Phil H at the Clock” – Bernie C.












"The Town Hall Bell" - Phil H.

“The Town Hall Bell” – Phil H.

"Weights and Measures" - Joe K.

“Weights and Measures” – Joe K.












"Spiral Staircase" - Ruth L.

“Spiral Staircase” – Ruth L.

"Stair Rail Swirl"- Ruth L.

“Stair Rail Swirl”- Ruth L.














"Railing Knob" - Ruth L.

“Railing Knob” – Ruth L.

"Monochromatic Spiral" - Phil N.

“Monochromatic Spiral” – Phil N.














"Clock Motor" - Phil N.

“Clock Motor” – Phil N.


"Looking Up" - Phil N.

“Looking Up” – Phil N.















"The Chair" - Phil H.

“The Chair” – Phil H.




"Tower Spiral" - Joe K.

“Tower Spiral” – Joe K.


"Stepping Carefully" - Bernie C.

“Stepping Carefully” – Bernie C.

"Tower Window" - Joe K.

“Tower Window” – Joe K.















Unitarian Universalist Church

"The Church" - Bernie C.

“The Church” – Bernie C.


"Thou Shalt Not Pass" - Bernie C.

“Thou Shalt Not Pass” – Bernie C.

"Stained Glass" - Joe K.

“Stained Glass” – Joe K.













"Church Creatures" - Ruth L.

“Church Creatures” – Ruth L.




"Church Steeple" - Phil N.

“Church Steeple” – Phil N.















The Millicent Library

"The Stacks" - Ruth L.

“The Stacks” – Ruth L.


"Main Floor" - Phil N.

“Main Floor” – Phil N.


"Stacking - Phil N."

“Stacking – Phil N.”














"Glass Panel" - Phil N.

“Glass Panel” – Phil N.