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“South Station Hustle”


south station hustle




Here’s an explanation of my editing of the South Station shot.
I do a routine batch of edits with images that I put into Photoshop, and many are trial and error. I never record what I do.

I typically make and extra layer in PS and then choose a blend mode that works for what I’m after. In this case I’m guessing I may have blended using “screen”, or possibly I just used the exposure slider or brightness slider to give it more light.

I used a slow shutter speed on this shot, designed to blur motion, so I didn’t sharpen. I didn’t do much else than use Topaz Impressions (a plug-in) to experiment with various artistic filters till I found one that brought up the colors and gave this a vibrant painterly look to reflect the hustle and bustle of the station.


“Into the Dream”


into the dream


Here’s the best I can do for the image of the owl and the tree.

This image is a composite of a tree taken at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary and a snowy owl flying at Plum Island. The owl was not the greatest image so I decided use it to create something magical/mystical.

Tough to remember all that I did and how. It was a while ago and I was just playing around, which is how I tend to edit. I don’t usually note my steps and my memory is wonky. So…

I selected and cut out the owl from it’s image and pasted it onto the tree image, and blended them somehow.

I can’t remember what I did to bring up the color. I may have used a filter in Color Efex Pro ( a plug in) called “Bi-color user defined.” You can select the color palette and placement of colors. I mingled cold and warm colors.

After that, I used the “liquefy” filter in Photoshop to swirl it all around by dragging the brush to create the fluid look I wanted. I was after a surreal feel.