Sherri Shares her Secrets!

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At a recent image study featuring Creative shots, many of us were amazed at several that were projected. Sherri had two such “WOW!” images. I asked her to share her techniques with us.


“The Blue Snow Flowers”

Snow Blooms Sherri


are iridescent wrapping paper wrapped around a clear tube and illuminated with flashlight.

By running to each spot and “drawing” the flower

The exposure was longer than I guessed, but it was a big space

Each flower top is about 2 feet tall

ISO 100, f4.5 with 20mm for 100 seconds



“The Beach”

Arrival Sherri I


light painting was made with the same sort of tool only it is about 4 feet in length and colored yellow

It was created by spinning slowly and spiraling the light up.

I then inverted the image

the whitest part was on the grass but reminded me of a galaxy, prompting the inversion

then layered on the beach fence image

exposures are shorter because the light was brighter.