End of the Year Gathering

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Thanks to Jim, Ruth, and Rick for offering to grab candids of the event!


Early Evening – Pre- Eating!

"The Turners!"

“The Turners!”


"When Mariann Speaks. . . ."

“When Mariann Speaks. . . . 



"HDP Rookies Bob and Robert"

“HDP Rookies Bob and Robert”











"Waiting Patiently"

“Waiting Patiently”




"Crunching More Numbers"

“Still Crunching the Numbers”









"Lily Being Lily!"

“Lily Being Lily!”







"HDP Party Goers"

“HDP Party Goers”










"Lynne and Tim"

“Lynne and Tim”






"It's a Guy Thing!"

“It’s a Guy Thing!”















Feeding the Masses!



"Someone Has to Be First!"

“Someone Has to Be First!”

"Strictly Vegetarians" (until they got to the pepperoni!)

“Strictly Vegetarians”
(until they got to the pepperoni!)



The Awards. . . 

"Bernie Triple Play"

“Bernie Triple Play”



"Accepting for Mariann Is"

“Accepting for Mariann Is”










"Quite the Haul, Phil the N!"

“Quite the Haul, Phil the N!”


That’s a Wrap! Say goodnight, People!!

Milling About