Model Shoot 2017

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Thanks to Jeff the T., George, and Carl we managed to have three set-ups for this year’s model shoot. Jeff came through with five beautiful young people who offered to be our models. About fifteen members took advantage of this opportunity to capture these young people and also to pick the photo minds of both Jeff and George.

A little a twist was added this year as we had a set of identical twins in the mix – Tanisha and Tayesha. Also in attendance were Jackie, Tim, and Alayna.


Here a few early processed ones. . .


“The Twins and Tim” – Bernie


“Jackie” – Joe K.

“Jackie” – Bernie












“The Twins” – Joe K.



“The Twins” – Phil H.


“Alayna” – Phil H.

“Alayna Sitting”














“Alayna” – Al

“Jackie” – Al










“Alayna” – Joshua


“Jackie” – Joshua


“The Twins” – George

“The Twins II” – George









“The Twins III” – George




“The Twins IV”- George











“Good Sport, Carl” – Joe K.