2016 / 2017 Competitions

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Below you will find the results of the competitions held this year.

Competition VI – Architecture

Perennial favorite judge, Lisa Ryan returned to give our Architectural images the one-over! Six images from Class A took top honors with Phil H. having two (2) in this mix. Kathy was the lone representative from the Class B “15 Club!

“Farmer’s Windmill” – Rick


“Kendall Sq.” – Jeff W.











“Late Night Laundromat” – Phil N.

“Stairwell in Fairhaven” – Carl A.











“Temple Beth Elohim” – Phil H.

“Train Bridge” – Kathy

“Two Windows” – Phil H.













Competition V – Portraiture

Stephen Ostrowski returned for another go with our Portraiture images. Once again we were schooled by Stephen who spent ample time on every images. He discussed its merits and shortcomings. It was an education! Looking forward to his return next year – I know I can do better. (results can be seen here).

Our Blue Ribbon winners were:

Class B:

Ellen’s “Karina


Deedee’s “Danielle


And, Ron’s “Russian Soldier

Competition IV – Non wildlife

Competition IV- Non-wildlife is in the books! For the first time we had a dynamic duo judge our imagery. Dick and Joan Shirley didn’t just present some of their images but scrolled us on how they would be seen in competitions. Joe managed to score two (2) Perfect Fiteens from the Shirleys!


Earning a Perfect Fifteen were

“Watkins Glen” – Dave L. – Class B



“Sunrise at Otter Rocks – Joe K. – Class A”

“Taughannock Falls” – Joe K. – Class A

“Glacial Ice in Surf” – Rich R. – Class A



“Sundown in Yosemite” – Ruth L. – Class A




Competition Three – Monochromatic

Mike DiStefano, MNEC reviewed our Monochromatic images. (results can be seen here).


Class B – Diane

"Musical Reflections" - Diane Mc.

“Musical Reflections” – Diane Mc.

Class A – Ruth

"Girl in the Smoke" - Ruth L.

“Girl in the Smoke” – Ruth L.


Competition Two – Open


Competition Two – Open with Rob DeRobertis as our judge. 

Earning the Blue were

Class BMariann

"The Potter's Hands" - Mariann Moberg

“The Potter’s Hands” – Mariann M.


Class ACarl, Joe, and Phil N.

"Annisquam Light at Sunset" - Phil Nardozzi

“Annisquam Light at Sunset” – Phil Nardozzi


"Pulpit Falls" - Joe Kennedy

“Pulpit Falls” – Joe Kennedy


"Sunrise Fisherman" - Carl Albro

“Sunrise Fisherman” – Carl Albro




Competition One – Nature Wildlife

Competition One – Nature Wildlife is now behind us. Returning favorite judge, Diane Robertson was on board to oversee our entries. Results can be seen here.

Congrats to several who garnered a perfect fifteen (15) from Diane:

Class B – David L and Laura

"Test of Wills" - David Lee

“Test of Wills” – David Lee



"Siblings Sharing" - Laura Carlson

“Siblings Sharing” – Laura Carlson


Class A – Rick, Carl and Rich R.

"Great Blue Heron with Bluegill" - Rick Alvarnaz

“Great Blue Heron with Bluegill” – Rick Alvarnaz



"Mockingbird Delivering Food" - Carl Albro

“Mockingbird Delivering Food” – Carl Albro



"Take out Dinner" - Rich Reynolds

“Take out Dinner” – Rich Reynolds