Rick’s Macro Tips

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Rick’s Macro Tips 

                              Mr. Macro (Rick)


1. Use a tripod and cable release/self timer to reduce camera vibration.

2. Use mirror lock-up if your camera has this function, again for less

   camera vibration.

3. Set a small aperture value (f/16 – 22) for best sharpness throughout

    the subject.

4. Use a low ISO setting (100 – 200) for best image quality.

5. Choose your focus point carefully; manual focusing is best.

6. Use your depth of field preview button to see how the captured

    image will appear.

7. “Fill the frame“, but don’t “cut off” your subject!


The Shoot!


         Looks like a Natural (Katie)


       Close Focus (Carl)                          Even Closer (Ron)


      Good Focusing Form (Phil)                Tight Shot (Dick)


True Table Tripod (Chris M.l)Got the Shot! (Bill, Al, and Ralph)


              Group Effort (Ralph, Carl, Al, and Bill)


                Reading the LCD Screen (Jac and Dick)


                         Handheld Shot at 6400 ISO (Joe)